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Psychoeducational Testing

  • What is a Psychoeducational Evaluation?
    • A comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s academic, learning, and emotional functioning.
  • Who could benefit from a Psychoeducational Evaluation?
    • Individuals struggling academically, not performing at grade level.
    • Individuals who do not feel challenged in their educational environment.
    • People who have difficulty focusing or remaining on task.
    • If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and unable to complete academic work as a result.
  • Why choose Carolina Care and Counseling (CC&C) for your Psychoeducational Evaluation?
    • When requesting a Psychoeducational Evaluation from CC&C you can expect to receive efficient scheduling, a thorough report of your evaluation results and a listening ear from an ethical professional that values you and is responsive to your concerns.
    • CC&C can assess both intellectual and emotional functioning. The results are comprehensive and customized evaluations to identify psychological, emotional, and educational problems that may be impacting the individual and offer specific recommendations to improve functioning.
    • CC&C will also communicate with schools as necessary to ensure the evaluation meets the requirements for receiving accommodations.
    • You can expect to receive a comprehensive report, with specific recommendations in 2-3 weeks.
  • What to expect on the day of the evaluation:
    • A CC&C clinician will meet with the individual and/or parents to gather background information and better understand the presenting problems
    • A CC&C clinician will then administer appropriate assessments with the individual. Depending on the extent of the evaluation this may occur over 2-3 sessions.
    • After the evaluation is complete a follow-up interpretive meeting will be scheduled in which the evaluator will review the findings from the evaluation and discuss impressions and recommendations.
  • When you receive the report in 2-3 weeks, you can expect:
    • A detailed summary of any records provided to the examiner, background information, explanation of and results from educational and psychological testing, as well as detailed impressions, and recommendations
    • Our impressions will identify if the individual meets criteria for attention problems, learning disabilities, giftedness, and/or behavioral or emotional problems and clarify how symptoms may be impacting the individual and interacting to exacerbate current challenges.
    • Our recommendations are based on the individual’s performance and the diagnostic findings. They are specific and provide suggestions and techniques that are likely to improve the individual’s emotional functioning and academic success. We will also assist with making appropriate referrals as necessary.
    • The report and findings can be shared with schools to assist in receiving appropriate accommodations and to enhance the learning environment for the individual.
  • To ease the process for everyone:
    • If you have any pertinent records (previous testing, school or mental health records, etc) please provide these to the examiner before the evaluation. They may be faxed with the referral documents to CC&C.
    • The evaluation may require the individual to be at the CC&C offices for a number of hours.
    • Based on the individual’s needs frequent breaks may be taken during the evaluation.
    • Feel free to bring along drinks and snacks to the evaluation and parents who wish to remain in the office during the evaluation may want to bring along something to read.
  • To Schedule a Psychoeducational Evaluation
    • o Simply call our main office at (919) 676-1497 and a friendly staff member will find a time that is convenient, we are often able to work around school schedules to minimize the interruption in your daily schedule.

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