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Adoption Evaluation

  • What is an Adoption Evaluation?
    • o An adoption evaluation is a special form of psychological evaluation. The purpose of an adoption evaluation is to provide adoptive parents and professional parties working with adopted children with a thorough assessment of the adoptive child’s needs. These evaluations are completed in order to assess possible learning/attention problems, emotional/behavioral problems or problems related to a history of trauma that should be understood and addressed as a child enters an adoptive placement. Identification of strengths and assets is important because these can be capitalized upon while addressing the child’s needs. Adoption evaluations are used to guide treatment and service planning on the child’s behalf. These evaluations are often funded using adoption assistance resources. We also accept referrals from adoption agencies (private as well as non-profit) and county departments of social services. Evaluations are sometimes court-ordered. Each evaluation includes interviews with social workers familiar with the child, a child interview, cognitive testing, testing to assess levels of academic achievement, testing to assess emotional and behavioral needs and a review of records documenting the child’s history. We integrate information from these sources to answer any specific questions you have about the child and we offer specific recommendations based on the results of the evaluation.
  •  Why choose Carolina Care and Counseling (CC&C) for your Evaluation:
    • When requesting an adoption evaluation from CC&C you can expect to receive efficient scheduling with minimal impact on your daily schedule and a listening ear from a well trained, ethical professional that values you and your knowledge of your child. CC&C has two clinicians available to perform adoption evaluations.
    • A unique feature of CC&C is that our clinicians are able to travel throughout North Carolina to perform evaluations. These evaluations can be completed at your local adoption agency or county Department of Social Services. Our ability to come to you and your child reduces disruption in your child’s daily routines and increases our access to records and consultation to professional parties familiar with your child.
    • CC&C clinicians pride themselves on completing reports in a thorough, professional and efficient fashion. You can expect to receive a comprehensive report, with specific recommendations within 2-3 weeks of completion of the evaluation. The CC&C clinician who completes your child’s evaluation will review the evaluation report with you and professional parties providing services to your child.
    • CC&C clinicians can be available to consult with you and professional parties after your child’s report has been distributed. We are familiar with the treatment team process and are happy to participate in it when that is helpful.
    • o CC&C is a child friendly practice. CC&C staff and clinicians welcome children with a variety of needs to our practice and are committed to meeting those needs. We believe that no matter how challenging a situation becomes, there is always hope and there are always strengths that can be applied to improve the situation. We take a realistic look at each situation while identifying individual strengths that can lead to positive and healthy outcomes. We emphasize family empowerment and a solution-focused approach to treatment.
  • To Schedule an Adoption Evaluation:
    • Contact CC&C at (919) 676-1430, extension 221. Our administrative staff will guide you through the referral process and schedule the appointment for the evaluation. If you want us to travel to your county, arrangements will be made to authorize that process and identify a location suitable for completion of the evaluation.

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